Frequently Asked Questions

+ Question 1 - Our hospital has an EHR installed that is used by our entire hospital network, why should I consider PediNotes?

PediNotes is designed for the neonatologist/pediatrician and other health providers who are caring for sick infants and children in a hospital setting. Many of its features are unique to this population (i.e. bilirubin curves, neonatal growth curves, ability to customize a neonatal/infant formulary, extensive nutritional calculations for enteral and parental nutrition, and integration with Vermont Oxford Network. Easy to use data analytics are available to track patient care and share data with other providers and hospital administration. Through the use of interoperability, you are able to work in a single platform to care for your patient.

+ Question 2 - What existing EHR systems does PediNotes integrate with?

PediNotes is currently integrated at varying levels with MEDITECH and Epic. Billing integration with GE Centricity is also available. Contact us for more information regarding your specific environment.

+ Question 3 - Will I lose my existing EHR data when switching to PediNotes?

No. Your existing data can be loaded into a data warehouse and accessed with your PediNotes data using Microsoft Power BI.

+ Question 4 - How is support provided for PediNotes?

With the installation of PediNotes at your facility, super users will be trained to answer the majority of questions that arise from end users. PediNotes support will be available 24/7 for program administrators and super users.

+ Question 5 - Does PediNotes only work for NICU patients?

PediNotes works for any type of pediatric patient, but currently is only being used for NICU and Well Newborns.

+ Question 6 - Do I have to be a neonatologist to use PediNotes?

No. PediNotes is designed to allow any provider (physician, nurse practitioner, resident/students or consultants) to generate clinical documentation and perform CPOE.

+ Question 7 - How do I start using PediNotes?

Request a demonstration (webinar) or call us @ 225-214-6421.