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Visual Keys

Clearly visible icons make actionable patient information easy to locate and your time more efficient.

  • Patients requiring follow up (Outpatient)

  • Pre-admissions

  • Lab availability

  • Team assignment (including nurse practitioner/resident)

  • Nursing and Respiratory Therapist assignment

  • Work progress

  • Patient checkout/sticky notes

Real-Time Notifications & Alerts

Immediate notifications of new data availability, changes in patient status and missing inputs allow for efficiency in workflow. 

  • Laboratory results notify assigned clinician upon receipt

  • Documentation needing cosignature

  • Order review for nurse practitioner/resident

  • Notification of nursing staff of CPOE submission

  • Alerts to ensure data compliance

  • Clinical decision support


PediNotes Mobile

With Internet access, the PediNotes Mobile application offers access to key clinical functions from anywhere.

  • Laboratory review and acknowledgment

  • Verbal order review and signature

  • Note review and cosignature

  • Patient assignment

  • Clinical photography


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Pediatric Subspecialty Functions

Built-in support that includes a variety of functions created especially for pediatric subspecialists.

  • Customized reports for subspecialties

  • Subspecialty consults

  • Echocardiograms

  • Retinal examinations


Data analytics is available to all users and ranges from intuitive in-program functions to high-level data warehousing. 

  • Real-time analytics

        - Simplified data retrieval

        - Export data to CSV format

  • Data warehousing

  • Microsoft Power BI dashboards/reports

  • Pre-packaged reports

  • Custom reporting