PediNotes and MEDITECH


How it works


Organizational Benefits

Enhanced Interoperability

  • Two way communication with nursing staff
  • MU Certified CPOE capabilities that interface directly into MEDITECH
  • Direct communication with HIM

Data Analytics

  • Single button data extraction to Vermont Oxford Network
  • Reporting for multiple hospital departments including:
    • Accounting
    • Infection control
    • Nursing administration
    • Quality improvement
  • Data warehousing capabilities with rich data visualizations in Microsoft Power BI

Clinical Benefits

neonatal/infant focus

  • Integration of mother/infant data from multiple sources
  • Neonatal nutritional analytics and customizable neonatal growth charts
  • User defined templates (examination, neonatal TPN, diagnoses and plans)
  • Built-in support for pediatric subspecialists

User Centered Design

  • User defined visual environment to maximize efficiency and eliminate clicks
  • Interactive patient menu with real-time notifications
  • Easy to use CPOE 
  • One click access to all diagnosis comments by any provider
Taking care of patients is hard enough. PediNotes can make it better.
— Steve Spedale, MD, FAAP - President/Founder

PediNotes Named Top 10 EMR/EHR Solution Providers 2017

Baton Rouge-based electronic medical record (EMR) software developer PediNotes has been named one of 2017’s Top 10 EMR/EHR Solution Providers by Healthcare Tech Outlook Magazine. 

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