Customizing an Environment that Works for YOU

Welcome to the first posting in our new PediNotes® blog series! We’re excited to share the many ways that PediNotes® has made its users more efficient and demonstrate how it works the way a clinician works.

One of the most powerful features of PediNotes® is its ability to create customized screen views based on user preferences. Users can design any screen layout that works for them, allowing them to adapt PediNotes® to work the way they work. 

With the Multi-Screen View function, users can open multiple patient screens and arrange them in any order or size. This function works on multiple standard monitors or a single widescreen monitor.  Selecting a new patient updates the information on all screens, thus eliminating the inefficiency of switching back and forth between views simply to view/update critical patient data.

PediNotes® allows users to arrange windows in a way that is logical to the function they are performing and save the view for future usage. Users can create as many environments as they would like. Here are some examples of saved layouts with patient function tabs utilized that have been popular with our users:

  1. Rounding View

    1. Orders tab – side 1

    2. Vital signs – side 1

    3. Examinations – side 1

    4. Respiratory – side 1

    5. Labs – Most Recent in last 24 hours – side 1

    6. I/O – side 2

    7. Diagnosis/Care Plans – side 2

  2. Billing View

    1. Billing tab

    2. Respiratory

  3. On-Call View

    1. Labs –side 1

    2. Orders – side 1

    3. Respiratory – side 1

    4. Diagnosis/Care Plans – side 2

  4. Vermont Oxford Data Review

    1. Pregnancy History

    2. Diagnosis/Care Plans – Diagnosis filter set to “All”; Procedures set to “All”

The different views allow users to work in an environment that fits the task they are performing. Designing a custom window layout is just one way PediNotes® works the way you work. In our next post, we’ll explain how PediNotes® visual keys allow users to control the entire unit at their fingertips.

The PediNotes Product Team
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