Data You Can Learn From

An EMR is a necessary, although not always popular, tool that helps caregivers take better care of their patients. While all EMRs store data, not all of them do so in a way that makes the data easy to access and enhances a physician’s ability to make better decisions. This is where PediNotes stands out - we designed it from a clinician’s perspective with a focus on helping neonatologists learn from what they do.  

“I think the most important thing we all need to know when taking care of our patients is why we do the things that we do and what are the outcomes,” says Dr. Steve Spedale. In PediNotes, everything is tied to a diagnosis, whether that’s ordering a lab, radiology test, etc. This helps you and your team understand the reasons behind your actions so you can learn from and improve your decision making going forward.

Sharing Data, Saving Time

One of PediNotes’ most critical features, besides improving your efficiency during each day, is the data collection. PediNotes makes it really easy through in-program data analytics for you to get the information you need to understand patient treatment. You don’t have to contact information systems to write reports; you do it yourself when you’re ready. This is just one of the many ways in which PediNotes is designed to save time and simplify processes, giving caregivers greater satisfaction as they carry out their work.

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