PediNotes Named to Healthcare Tech Outlook’s Top 10 EMR/EHR Solution Providers 2017

Baton Rouge-based electronic medical record (EMR) software developer PediNotes has been named one of 2017’s Top 10 EMR/EHR Solution Providers by Healthcare Tech Outlook Magazine.

Created by Steven Spedale, MD, FAAP, PediNotes is an EMR software developed for neonatal and pediatric care.  “We developed PediNotes to reflect the natural process of how pediatric caregivers work, interact and communicate,” said Dr. Spedale. “In a patient care environment such as the NICU, data is critical. But most EMRs were developed based on how developers process and use data, not how those caring for patients do. That’s what makes PediNotes unique. In PediNotes, once data is obtained, it’s readily available to anyone involved in the care of the baby. This allows us to do our job better, which ultimately means better outcomes for patients,” he added.

Healthcare Tech Outlook Magazine is a print magazine published in Fremont, California, which features CIOs, ITVPs, CTOs, and other decision makers sharing their insights and perspective on the healthcare industry.  A panel of experts, technology leaders and board members of Healthcare Tech Outlook magazine finalized the Top 10 EMR/ EHR Solution Providers 2017 and shortlisted the best vendors and consultants in the healthcare industry.

“We take pride in honoring PediNotes for incorporating patient information from all NICU caregivers into a single, easy-to-navigate EMR platform,” said Alex D’Souza, Managing Editor of Healthcare Tech Outlook.