June 2017 Newsletter

Greetings from the PediNotes team! Welcome to our newsletters, detailing the latest news, updates, and information for PediNotes.
— Steve Spedale, MD, FAAP - President/Founder

New Features Now in PediNotes:

We are excited to announce many new features in our latest PediNotes update:

Discharge CPOE Orders

  • Automatically creates discharge orders using our streamlined process
  • Discharge orders include follow-up appointments, outpatient medications and laboratories, home equipmentand more.

Auto-Populating Information in Admission Order Sets

  • Includes maternal demographics (e.g. MRN, account number), infant birth date/time and gestational age
  • Eliminates unnecessary data entry

Additional PediAnalytics Search Functions

  • Ability to track patient birth facility
  • Expanded transport tracking for reports and billing functions

2017 Roadmap

Our goal is for PediNotes to work the way you work. We have several key features in the roadmap developed based on user feedback, including:

  • Data analytics visualizations including dashboards for financials, nursing acuities and clinical outcomes
  • IVs and orders for data analytics package
  • Utilization management insurance portal  
  • More CPOE integration capabilities
  • Updates to our Meaningful Use Certification 

We are constantly evolving and improving our software to provide solutions that help you. Any feedback is always appreciated.


— Steven Spedale, MD & The PediNotes Team