May 2017 Newsletter

Greetings from the PediNotes team! Welcome to our newsletters, detailing the latest news, updates, and information for PediNotes.
— Steve Spedale, MD, FAAP - President/Founder

New Features now in PediNotes.

We are excited to announce many new features in our latest PediNotes update:

Key Data Analytics Updates

  • New Sign Out Report (with Patient Details Link)
  • New Critical Patients Report
  • Ability to view PediNotes data by “Medical Facility” with multi-tenant security
  • Addition of Patient Feeding Information for comprehensive analysis
  • New NICU map visualization with nurse/RT assignments

PediNotes Video Integration

  • Take video from mobile device and upload it to PediNotes
  • Ideal for documenting potential movement disorders

PediNotes Documentation Portal

  • Secure remote access via PediNotes Mobile

Streamlined CPOE with auto-fill of clinical information
Updated Pediatric Ophthalmology Examination

2017 Roadmap

Our goal is for PediNotes to work the way you work. We have several key features in the roadmap developed based on user feedback, including:

  • Additional data analytics visualizations, including dashboards for financials, nursing acuities, and clinical outcomes
  • Addition of IVs and orders for data analytics package
  • Utilization Management Insurance portal
  • Additional CPOE integration capabilities
  • Update to our Meaningful Use Certification (2015 criteria)

We are constantly evolving and improving our software to provide solutions that help you. Any feedback is always appreciated.

— The PediNotes Team