March 2017 Newsletter

Greetings from the PediNotes team! Welcome to our first newsletter, detailing the latest news, updates, and information for PediNotes.
— Dr. Steve Spedale, MD, FAAP - President/Founder

A little about who we are.

PediNotes™ is an EMR developed for neonatal and pediatric care; designed to work how a clinician works. It uses HL7 interoperability to combine data from multiple sources and presents this data to the end user in real time, while providing mechanisms for generating outputs (patient documentation, Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE)) to hospital EMRs. PediNotes™ aims to usher in the next generation of neonatal EMRs with a focus on interoperability to enhance existing hospital EMRs and assist the neonatal provider in the provision of care to their patient.


NEONATOLOGY TODAY– PediNotes™ – Using Interoperability to Improve Care in the NICU:

Recently, we had an article in published in NEONATOLOGY TODAY written by the PediNotes creator, Steve Spedale, MD FAAP and Chief Technical Officer, Jason Fox. The article discusses the role of specialty software programs such as PediNotes in the EMR market and the importance of interoperability to the new age of healthcare.


2017 Roadmap

Our goal is for PediNotes to work the way you work. We have several key features in the roadmap from customer feedback:

  • Additional data analytics visualizations, including dashboards for financials, nursing acuities, and clinical outcomes
  • Utilization Management Insurance Portal 
  • Additional CPOE integration capabilities
  • Mobile Video Integration

We are constantly evolving and improving our software to provide solutions that help you. Any feedback is always appreciated.
— The PediNotes Team