February 2018 Newsletter

Greetings from the PediNotes team! Welcome to our newsletter, detailing the latest news, updates, and information for PediNotes.

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New Features Now in PediNotes:

We are excited to announce a few of the new features in our latest PediNotes update!

Vermont Oxford Network 2018

  • PediNotes proudly integrates directly with eNICQ6
  • 2018 patient data exports directly into eNICQ6
  • Continued support for previous year’s patients


  • Ability to save queries
  • Share queries with other users
  • Improved graphing capabilities
  • Expanded PediNotes Demo available upon request

Looking Ahead

Here are just a few of the new features on our roadmap:

  • Clinician – RN Message Board

  • PediNotes Machine Learning Capabilities

  • FHIR Integration

  • Predictive Billing

We are constantly evolving and improving our software to provide solutions that help you. Any feedback is always appreciated.
— The PediNotes Team