May 2018 Newsletter

Greetings from the PediNotes team! Welcome to our newsletter, detailing the latest news, updates, and information for PediNotes.
— — Steve Spedale, MD, FAAP - President/Founder

Making Data Work for You

Steve Spedale, MD, FAAP, is the director of neonatology for one of the country’s largest women’s hospitals. As an early adopter of electronic medical records in the NICU, Spedale recognized the need for improved technology not provided by the available EMRs. With that in mind, he began developing software add-ons independently to give him the tools he needed.

In 2011, Dr. Spedale realized his ideas could benefit other doctors and caregivers, so he built a development team to execute them. Together, they created PediNotes.

The technology received its first certification for meaningful use in 2013. PediNotes is anchored by the principle that once data is obtained, it should be readily available to anyone involved in the care of the patient. Focusing on the end user’s experience to maximize efficiency, PediNotes provides an intuitive approach that helps you take better care of your patients.

Upcoming Meetings

MUSE - The 2018 International Conference

May 29-June 1, Orlando, FL

Come meet the PediNotes team at 2018 MUSE conference and see how our EMR solution can dramatically improve your NICU operations and develop new efficiencies.

We are constantly evolving and improving our software to provide solutions that help you. Any feedback is always appreciated.
— The PediNotes Team

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